CT25 Mini Glue Gun Pink

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The CT25, our smallest and most compact glue gun.  Works great with delicate projects involving fabric, lace, paper + crafts. This glue gun comes with 10 super strong glue sticks and packs a punch with 25 watts. Trigger-fed with a comfortable grip for easy handling, it’s sure to help with all of your small projects. Best for kids, as long as an adult is supervising; also good for folks with petite hands.

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  • All of our glue guns are trigger-fed with a comfortable grip for easy holding. After placing the glue stick in the back of the gun, each pull of the trigger seamlessly feeds the glue and pushes it through the nozzle. Our guns are designed to prevent dripping and globs, and our glue is fantastically strong, withstanding many elements (i.e. cold temps, heat, drool, the litter box, you know...the usual).

  • WATTS: 25 watts
  • GLUE STICKS: 10 sticks included @ 7mm / 5/16”
  • MAXIMUM HEAT: 152°C / 305° F
  • PRE-HEATING TIME: 1-3 minutes
  • STAND-UP BASE: Even on the most tired of days, the Chandler Tool glue guns get a bit of help with 2 stands included. Each glue gun includes a metal tripod kickstand + a removable stand-up base. That's right folks, she can stand on her own. We rarely remove the bottom base unless working in tight quarters; it is simply too much of a good thing to pass up
  • NO DRIPS: We partnered with the folks in white lab coats to develop a professional-quality hot glue gun that does NOT drip between uses. 
  • UL-CERTIFIED: Our glue guns are all UL certified. It’s kind of a big deal...which means as much as we like making an impact, we don’t want to shock, burn, or set things ablaze. For those that do not know, UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories; the industry standard for North American safety certification. UL Certification ain’t cheap, but we’re proud to say we won’t sell a hot melt gun without it
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand behind our products 100%. This means if something goes wrong, we’ll make it right. That’s about as deep as we need to go on that…To register your product for warranty, please fill out the below form or email us at support@chandlertool.com. We'll take it from there and send you a replacement item, yay!

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    • Always use a drip mat underneath your glue gun when not in use
    • This glue gun is not intended for use by children
    • Do not use the glue gun in damp settings and do not place it in water
    • Never use this glue gun near an open flame
    • Always operate the glue gun in a well-ventilated area
    • Always rest your glue gun on 1 of the 2 included stands
    • Do not place the glue gun on its side
    • Only use 7mm 5/16” glue sticks for the CT25
    • Once plugged in, never remove the glue stick from the back of the glue gun
    • Unplug the glue gun when not in use
    • For those of you McGuyver fans out there, do not disassemble or attempt to repair the glue gun or its cord; contact us and we'll help you out