Choosing the Right Embossing Heat Gun

Choosing the Right Embossing Heat Gun

  • Chandler tool Team

There are many convenient shortcuts when it comes to crafting, but heat embossing is NOT one of those things. When you’re trying to apply heat to embossing powder, some life hacks might suggest using a standard hair dryer, or even an oven, but none of these work well enough to do the job right. A hairdryer can just blow your embossing powder away, and an oven can scorch your paper.

For this, you’re going to have to use a proper embossing heat gun to do the job, and here’s how you can choose the right one for you.

There are plenty of different heat guns out there, but luckily, there are only a few things you want to consider when picking the best one. These are some of the most important features you want to keep an eye out for:

  • Heat Safety: Heat guns get hot, and they stay that way for a while even after you use them. You will want a heat gun that has a strong, thick, plastic covering on the metal heating end of the tool.
  • Durability: You want your heat gun to last you a long time, so it should be able to withstand some bumps and bruises in the workshop. Outside durability isn’t the only thing you have to consider. So even if the casing isn’t cracked, you want the working parts to still be functional, or you’ll just end up with a heat gun for display.
  • Quick Heating: The faster you finish your project, the quicker you can make the next one. Your paper might also warp if you point your heat gun to it while it’s still ramping up the power, so it’s best to get a quick heating gun so you can direct it to the paper and melt the embossing powder as fast as you can.

Some features aren’t as immediately necessary when choosing an embossing heat gun, but you might also want to consider these next qualities so you can improve your comfort and experience while crafting:

  • Quiet: A loud tool can damage your hearing if you’re going to be using it a lot for days on end. It can also distract you from other sounds around your workshop that you might need to pay attention to. A quiet heat gun is a good luxury to have.
  • Light-weight and Ergonomic: Your heat gun should be comfortable to hold and easy to handle, especially when working on a big project or several projects at a time. Ergonomic handles prevent cramping from uncomfortable grips, and being light-weight means it’s easier to direct onto your work surface and it won’t tire you out easily.
  • Stylish: You want to be the coolest person at the next heat embossing workshop, so it’s best to have a heat gun that not only works well but also looks good in your hands. The style should still be second to substance, but it’s always nice to have.

As with any tool, you want to practice and have a feel for your embossing heat gun to make sure you’re comfortable using it. There are also plenty of other additional tools that you’ll need for heat embossings such as embossing powder and stamps, so make sure you have them in good quality as well.

A good embossing heat gun should last you pretty much your entire life, so you’re going to want to get it right the first time. And they don’t have to be expensive to be good, they just have to be right for you. If you want to find the right embossing heat gun, check out Chandler Tool’s Professional Embossing Heat Gun! It’s UL certified and comes with a lifetime warranty!