Top 5 Wood Burning Tips For Beginners

Top 5 Wood Burning Tips For Beginners

  • Chandler tool Team


When it comes to Pyrography, Aney Carver has been the go-to source for many wood burning hobbyists and professionals. 

With over 15,000 subscribers on YouTube, Aney is known to the Pyrocrafting community as a trusted resource.

In our article, Aney shares her Top 5 wood burning tips to introduce you to the world of Wood Burning.


Aney’s Top 5 Tips For Beginner Wood Burners


As the saying goes, less is sometimes more. Avoid kits with tons of poor-quality accessories that you likely will either not use or even need. The Chandler Tool Wood Burning Kit is a great example of a quality wood burner perfectly paired with premium solid brass tips.

Having an easy to use, high quality, affordable starter kit is all you really need to get started. 




Once you are ready to begin your next project, select a piece of wood that has soft consistent grains.

Basswood is perfect for a beginner’s project which is available in multiple shapes and sizes.

You can find it at your local art supply store and many online retailers.


No matter what wood you are working with, prepping your work surface beforehand is essential for burning.

Any sawdust, dents, or scratches will get in the way of the process.

Sand your wood down either by hand or with an electric sander until the surface is buttery and smooth.



There are several ways to transfer your templates however, one of the easiest ways, in the beginning, is by using carbon paper.

Carbon paper is inexpensive and reusable.

It requires minimal setup as well. 

The drawback of working with carbon paper is that it can be messy and difficult to remove if any accidental marks are made. 

Other transfer methods require a more extensive setup, which can incur a higher price tag and may be harder to find.

Start with carbon paper and then explore other options as you progress in your craft.




As a beginner to wood burning, we suggest practicing with the heat to wood reaction and the effects thereof.

It takes time and patience, combined with the first-hand experience to understand how the process works. 

Taking a beginner’s class for woodburning online will help you get started in the process.

Pyrocrafters Plus offers a fantastic introductory class that covers safety, setup, several burning techniques, care, and maintenance of your equipment.


Final Thoughts

 Learning how to master this craft will allow you to create stunning wood burned pieces your customers will not be able to resist.

Joining a wood burning group will not only inspire and motivate growing your business or hobby but will also provide you with a community offering tips and teachings from fellow wood burners and pros in the trade.